The difficulty of having a blog under one’s own name, instead of using what I call a “superhero” name – is that you’re you. There’s a challenge in striving to be consistent, to create something that fits in with all of the different facets of your life, yet remains authentic.

So who am I? As the tag line says, I’m a lawyer, a writer and a single mother. The order of those three things changes daily, but I’m always at least those three things. I’m a graduate of Harvard Law School, a former law firm partner and current vice president at a Fortune 500 company. I practice law to pay the bills and write for love and sanity. I’m also an avid reader, a social media maven, an indifferent yoga student, and a fan of most sports, especially tennis. I blog about all of these things, and more. When I gather the courage to put more of my words out there, add “author” to the list.

In addition to this blog, I contribute to the following blogs:

Cocoa Mamas
Married My Sugar Daddy
Technorati Women’s Channel

I am a past contributor to NYC Moms Blog, which is now part of Technorati. I have also contributed to Co-Parenting, The Fresh Xpress, My Brown Baby and Black ‘n Bougie. My personal essays have been published in Reconstruction Magazine and Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture (Bedford/St. Martin’s). From time to time, I join Michele of Black ‘n Bougie on Blog Talk Radio, where we talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Just like I do here. Check in often, and share your thoughts.

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