Shouldn’t You Be Writing?

14 Jul 2016

written by Carolyn


You will look at the chosen image of Idris Elba and assume this post is just an excuse to post pictures of him.

You are correct.

The Idris Elba “Shouldn’t You Be Writing?” meme is one of my favorite writer’s memes. OK, it’s the only writer’s meme I know, but because it features a picture of Idris, it’s clearly the best one out there. Nothing about the image makes me think of writing, but it certainly stirs the imagination.

Idris is, after all, right – I should be writing. And, even better, I have been writing. Here are links to some of my most recent work on the Internet:

My Daddy Hated Joe Tex’s Skeevy Song ‘I Gotcha,’ and Now I Understand Why” – Maximum Middle Age

Prince Taught Me My Dirty Mind Was Just Fine” – Tue/Night

So the next time you look at a picture of Idris Elba and think to yourself, “I really should be writing,” ask yourself – why am I looking at a picture of Idris and thinking about writing? Then get up and write something until your thought process returns to normal.



3 Comments on Shouldn’t You Be Writing?

  1. blackstarr

    OK, good reason for posting Iris pics. I actually had planned to write today, so this pushed me into it. Now, though, every time I see Iris, I’ll think about you! Wait – I already do that!

    Read your recent posts and, as always – fab. I apologize for the lack of comments, recently. I always tell folks that bloggers get paid by comments in lieu of cash, so stop strolling by without feedback. Alas, here am I – hypocritical. V.

  2. Tosi Cleveland

    Thanks for the much neede inspiration Carolyn and Idris

  3. Tosi Cleveland

    (please forgive typo)

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