Woman Leaves Kids Alone To Have Sex

28 Oct 2012

written by Carolyn


I’m late to this story, but it caught my attention and I had to share.

In August 2012, a Florida woman was arrested and charged with child neglect after her children – ages 4, 3 and 10 months – were found wandering near a four-lane highway at 5 a.m.

The mother, 24-year-old Crystal Rusaw, admitted to police that she left the kids alone to go have sex with a neighbor, and fell asleep.

The four-year-old was carrying the baby, who was wearing only a urine-soaked diaper. A witness saw the children on the road and contacted police.

Rusaw’s boyfriend was out of town when the incident occurred.

Leaving your babies at home by themselves to go have sex with some guy – behind your boyfriend’s back? Sex is wonderful, and even a mother of young kids needs to get hers. But the peen so good, I’ll leave my babies at home by themselves to go get it, has never been invented. That’s what vibrators are for.

If I were Awesomely Luvvie, I would write a stern and hilarious open letter to this mom. I’m too disturbed by this story to make jokes. Yes, it’s ratchet, but it’s also highly disturbing. Too many layers of dysfunction.

And of course this happened in Florida.

I’ve run out of words on this one. Add yours in the comments.

One Response to Woman Leaves Kids Alone To Have Sex

  1. WMJ

    I have been hot as fish grease more times than I care to remember after being separated but I never left my children unattended to scratch that itch….smh

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