Tuesday Randoms

19 Jun 2012

written by Carolyn


It’s been pretty heavy around these parts for a while. Time to lighten it up a bit:

1. Rielle Hunter

Whenever I read articles about John Edwards’ (former? current? who cares?) mistress, I get the sense reporters edit their drafts just before submission to take out the curse words they used to describe her. Thanks to America’s never-ending fascination with train wrecks and nutjobs, Hunter has written a “tell all” memoir about her relationship with Edwards, although we already know more than we want to. ABC News has an exclusive interview with Hunter, in which she is sure to speak poetically about trysts with her beloved Johnny while his wife Elizabeth Edwards, whom Hunter describes as a “witch on wheels,” was dying of cancer. Love how she keeps it classy.

This Jezebel piece, “Seven Reasons Why Rielle Hunter is the Most Irritating Person on Earth,” says it all, including a well-deserved measure of contempt and derision for John Edwards. A Jezebel commenter linked to this four-year-old-but-still-brilliant Los Angeles Times’ piece “Edwards’ affair? My fault,” which pretty much made my day, night and perhaps even my week.

2. Slave for a Day

Having a black man in the White House apparently doesn’t stop the National Parks Service from coming up with this foolishness. Yes, this is real. On July 8, at Hampton Farm Site, visitors can

“Experience what it may have been like being enslaved.  Work in the fields with actual hoes and scythes.  Carry buckets of water with a yoke on your shoulders!  Park Ranger Angela Roberts-Burton will be in period clothing telling tales of the enslaved who labored here.”

Work in the fields? Carry buckets of water? This sounds more like a program created by Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump to teach poor black kids what a work ethic looks like – or, moreover, an attempt to capitalize on the plantation tours that are so popular in the South – than a real attempt to educate the public about the horrors and evils of slavery.

After your slave labor workout, you’ll get to listen to some fine African drummers and place names of your ancestors on an altar in the slave quarters.


I want to know what’s up with “Park Ranger Angela Roberts-Burton.” Is she a black woman? Did someone trick her into thinking she would be guest-starring in an episode of “Parks and Recreation?” Either that, or Biggie was wrong – UPS isn’t hiring. The site lists a number to call Ms. Roberts-Burton with questions. Annnd – go!

3. adidas “Shackle” sneakers

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance.

I just want to praise you. I just want to praise you.

- Mary Mary

This is what edginess gone wrong looks like.

Whether you think this shoe celebrates slave culture, prison culture, or cluelessness, Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere killed the shackle shoe. Which will now become worth several times its listed purchase price on the collector’s market. Ahh, capitalism.




This video has nothing to do with the shoes, but it’s fun to watch. Enjoy:

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  1. Whitney

    What will they come up with next?? I probably shouldn’t ask that, because I know something is in the works as I type. The video was too cute, I actually enjoyed it. The shoes….wow.

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