Rapper’s Video Advice Could Land Young Boys In Jail

17 Feb 2012

written by Carolyn


My latest opinion piece for CNN’s “In America” blog discusses a controversial video that ran on the magazine XXL’s website.


(CNN) – Outrage continues to build over a video that ran on the magazine XXL’s website featuring the rapper Too $hort dispensing advice to middle-school boys on how to “turn girls out.”

As the mother of a teenage girl and a pre-teen boy, I found the video abhorrent because it promotes sexual violence against young women. As a lawyer, I found both the video and XXL’s publication of it irresponsible and reckless.

A boy who took Too $hort’s advice could find himself in real trouble, because the behavior he encourages may, in fact, violate a multitude of state and federal laws. Pushing a girl against a wall and sticking a finger inside her underwear would likely constitute sexual harassment and/or a criminal charge of sexual assault.

Read the full post on CNN’s “In America” blog, here.

One Response to Rapper’s Video Advice Could Land Young Boys In Jail

  1. RR


    I haven’t seen the video, but from the accounts I have read, it doesn’t sound as if Too $hort was advocating violence against girls. The video no doubt could be interpreted that way, but it sounds as if Mr. $hort viewed himself as a sex counselor whose mission it was to improve the sex lives of middle school kids. Would Mr. $hort’s video have been more acceptable if he had stated something like the following at the beginning of the video:

    Hey dudes! Make sure whatever girl you throw against the wall is like, down with the whole sex thing. Do not force an unwilling chick against the wall. I repeat, DO NOT PUT HER ON THE WALL AGAINST HER WILL! That would be sexual assault and prison sucks, so make sure you tell her what you are going to do to her first and get her permission. Then bring her to your house and then throw her against the wall and….

    From my perspective, this proviso would not have made Too $hort any less culpable. I think his words were disgusting. The overwhelming majority of rappers are disgusting, but what do I know. What if instead of advising boys to throw girls against the wall or in any way forcing girls to engage in acts against their will, he limited his comments to ways in which boys can please girls sexually. Would that have been acceptable? After all, there are many middle school kids who are, whether we like it or not, sexually active. They are also getting sex education in school and some middle schools dispense condoms, both of which I gather you favor. So if they are sexually active and are practicing safe sex, what’s the harm in offering them advice as to how they can improve their sex lives? I know why I would object to giving such advice to middle school kids (I’m a retrograde Neanderthal who believes the sexuality of teenagers should be tightly controlled), but what would be your objection?

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