2011 Year In Review

09 Jan 2012

written by Carolyn


WordPress helpfully produces an annual report that shows statistics such as most popular post by page views, most popular post by comments, etc. If one measures success by statistics, 2011 was a successful year for me and this blog. For instance, in December 2011, my blog was viewed more than 12,000 times. For some bloggers, that’s a daily page view count. For me – a part-time blogger and full-time mom with an incredibly demanding job – that’s nothing short of amazing. I ended 2011 with over 27,000 page views for the year -pretty stellar, especially since I only re-launched this blog about 6 months ago.

But 2011 was successful for me in so many other ways. I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but here are some of vthe highlights:

* I did a number of Blog Talk Radio shows in 2011 with one of my favorite writers, bloggers and people, Michele Grant (@OneChele) of the Black ‘n Bougie blog. We have our first show of 2012 coming up on January 12. I’ll post details on Twitter and on my Facebook page this week. Be sure to tune in!

* I appeared on NPR to help my friend, Stanford Law Professor R. Richard Banks, promote his wildly successful book “Is Marriage For White People?” It was my first time on radio, but hopefully it won’t be my last.

* I published pieces on some of my favorite blogs: CNN’s “In America”, Black ‘n Bougie, CocoaMamas, MyBrownBaby, and Married My Sugar Daddy.

* Forbes gave me link love on my response to Gene Marks’ unfortunate “poor black kids” piece, and I’ve had a nice ongoing conversation with Forbes education contributor James Marshall Crotty about my critique of his Forbes article about teaching in a South Bronx school.

2012 is starting off well. In May, I will receive the Corporate Counsel of the Year Award at the Metropolitan Black Bar Association’s Annual Awards Gala. I’m so excited about the award, but I’m nervous about making an acceptance speech and – most importantly – finding the most fabulous evening gown to the event.

I expect good things to continue to happen in 2012. I have no current plans to change the focus or direction of this blog.  I’ll continue to write about topics that interest me, from Jane Austen and Basketball Wives to the perfect booty shape (see below), and everything in between.

Without further delay, please enjoy my top posts of 2011.

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